A Wonderful Welcome at Hoo St Werburgh Primary School and Marlborough Centre


I received a wonderfully warm welcome at Hoo St Werburgh Primary & Marlborough Centre when I visited them to personally congratulate them on their fantastic GOOD Ofsted report which has just been released.

Greeted by the Interim Executive Headteacher Frank Eagles and the Chair of Governors Ian Chappell we discussed educational matters before being taken on a tour of the school.

On the tour I met with both staff and pupils and really enjoyed a brilliant question and answer session with the pupils in Year 6 at the Marlborough Centre. The fact that I had been in the Royal Navy seemed to capture their imagination and I really enjoyed answering their questions.

On completion of the tour I met with the Head of Main School Tara Devoy and Head of the Marlborough Centre Catherine McKie and I am photographs above with Tara and members of the School Council proudly holding their GOOD Ofsted.

My sincere congratulations to all of the teaching professionals, governors, staff and pupils for a great Ofsted Grade.

I look forward to returning to meet you all again soon.

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