Ann Barnes
Victims of crime in Kent can be “confident” that offences against them are being properly recorded by Kent Police.
Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes, who triggered a national review into police crime recording practices, said she is very pleased and reassured for victims in Kent  after today’s (Tuesday 18 November) publication of a report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).
The HMIC’s inspection of Kent Police’s Crime Data Integrity reported that 96% of crime is being recorded accurately and that “the people of Kent can have confidence in Kent Police’s crime figures”.
The Commissioner said: “This is exactly what is needed for victims of crime in Kent. We must be confident that they are receiving a quality service and for me this report emphatically says that.”
Today’s report acknowledges that in February 2013, Mrs Barnes commissioned  an independent investigation by HMIC which found that one in every ten crimes was not being recorded correctly in Kent. The investigation further highlighted that officers were being driven by targets with some pursuing crimes that were easy to solve rather than driven by their seriousness or impact on victims.
Mrs Barnes added: “Targets are no longer being chased and the culture has been changed by Kent Police to make sure that the victim is at the heart of the process. The Chief Constable Alan Pughsley and his officers and staff have worked really hard to change the direction to focus on outcomes and quality of service.
“I have been kept regularly updated on progress by the Force and I am convinced that they have made some very real improvements which, as the report highlights, have been sustained for the last year and I am confident will continue to be so.”

The HMIC Kent report, which can be found on the HMIC website was the result of an inspection of the Force in June this year.

Photograph above was taken on my recent visit to the Commissioners Office.

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