Wishing everyone within the schools community, a very happy and well deserved Summer holiday.

Students and teachers don’t quite often see eye to eye, when it comes to what constitutes a fair amount of homework or what might count as being late. However, we are at that rare time where student and teachers collectively count down their last few lessons and relish with no small amount of satisfaction, their upcoming summer holidays. As tempting as it is however to look at the upcoming holidays abroad or long lie-ins in bed, we have an ideal opportunity to look back as well as forwards. Collectively, we as a community have refused to be complacent, we have fought for each and every school, looking to promote best practise, excellence and above all our children, who a portion of will be leaving school for pastures new.

 Medway, has long had an industrial tradition, and to the many students who will be taking up apprenticeships they will be following in the footsteps of students who for nearly the entire history of Medway have been an indispensable backbone of the work force who worked on the ships that fought against the Dutch invasion of Chatham, to today where BAE systems is an avid investor of our local young people.

 As anyone who follows this blog knows, I couldn’t be prouder of those who leave Medway, to go to Universities nationally and indeed internationally, I know that each and every one of them are the greatest ambassadors to Medway that we could possibly ask for.

Whilst, it was some time ago, I remember sitting my exams and that apprehension knowing how long you have to wait for the results. My thoughts are with you all and I hope that however fantastic your results are, they are in part, an opportunity to go on to achieve even more outstanding things.

 With that, I’d like to wish everyone within the schools community, a very happy and well deserved Summer holiday.

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