Why I’m glad Theresa is our new Prime Minister

We are fortunate to have so many talented and able people in the Conservative Party. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the high calibre of those candidates who have put themselves forward for the highest position in our country.

For me there was only one clear choice. There was only one person who was ready and able to offer us the strong and stable leadership we need at such a crucial time for our country. That is why I am glad that Theresa May is our next leader of the Party and next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

 Theresa May has the qualification required for high office. She has a proven track record having held the position of Chairman of the Party and is the longest serving Home Secretary in over a century.

 Time and again she has shown her ability to command and negotiate and if anyone can get the best deal for Britain with the EU, it will be here. 

Theresa May is also a unifier, who can bring people together under her vision of a country that will work for everyone. And she is always willing to get stuck in and get the job done, just like the time she visited Gillingham in the cold winter to campaign with the local Conservative candidates. 

At a time of uncertainly for our country, we can rely on the judgement and leadership of Theresa May and I fully endorse her as our next Prime Minister.



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