Mrs Duckys’ Sunday Update From Parkwood Trout Farm

Hi, Mike,We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the farm this afternoon.

The sun’s shining, church bells ringing, it’s a lovely start to a day in the country.
Mrs. Ducky had a quieter day yesterday.

As the weather was so wonderful, our fishing lakes were full of fishermen & their families & there were a few too many people around for her liking.

So, she kept a low profile & stayed safe inside the tree, only coming out briefly later on in the day, when it was a bit quieter.

The swan is on high alert, however, and followed me all round the lake edges in the evening, while I was cutting the grass.

I’m his number one target, as I take food over to his mate at the nest site & if he can see me, will attack remorselessly…We have to be sneaky & feed him round the corner, then I can sneak over to the causeway & give her some grain while he’s not looking!

Anyway, Mrs. White Duck is busy laying her egg for the day as I’m writing go you, not best pleased that I’m having breakfast outside, I’ve messed up her privacy…..I can’t win, it’s very busy in the world of wildlife!

I’m really looking forward to visiting Parkwood Trout Farm today to see Mrs Ducky and her friends.

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