Mrs Duckys’ Adventures

You may recall my visit to the Parkwood Trout Farm in Harrietsham a few weeks ago when I met up with an old feathered friend, a particularly tame Call Duck.

She also likes her food!

She also does what Call Ducks do and created a bit of a panic by disappearing for a couple of days.

My great friends Alison and Paul spent frantic days trying to find her but finally decided to tell me that Mr Fox had done his dastardly deed.

After telling me that, they found her nesting in the base of a tree brooding over a clutch of eggs.

Not a very wise Duck as of course Mr Fox came back searching for her ,so, whilst Alison took her in doors to feed her up on the cat food

Paul ensured that her nest was well and truly protected.

Next instalment of Mrs. Duckys’ adventures….

Latest news from Alison:

It’s going well, she now knows I’m bringing her some food each day, so we have a good system working now!
Lunch time was a bit earlier today, 1.30pm & out she popped straight away (with an audience of our favourite anglers who are nature lovers). Lunch, quack for the old man, a trot down to the lake, quick swim & a preen & back in 10 minutes.

Here she is…..

18 days to go to hatching and I’m sure that there will be many more adventures to follow and I will keep your posted!

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