Outstanding school leaders lend a hand to help drive improvement


Medway Matters

Outstanding school leaders from London are working with Medway head teachers to share expertise and good practice, as part of the council’s Get Medway Learning campaign.

Throughout this academic year, head teachers from the capital with National Leader in Education status, will help local primaries on an improvement journey with regular visits and training.

This practical approach is set to drive up standards of leadership and teaching in 13 Medway schools, and consequently improve learning for pupils.

Not only will the National Leaders in Education regularly visit primaries, the Medway head teachers will also travel to their respective outstanding schools as part of the programme.

Schools receiving help via the coaching scheme are either classed as ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted, or schools which would benefit from help in specific areas.

The linking of outstanding schools from outside the area with those who need help to improve in Medway, is set to enable local school leaders to drive progress in their own schools.

Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services Cllr Mike O’Brien said: “This is a really big and important step in the teaching strand of the Get Medway Learning campaign. Not only do we want to recruit outstanding teachers, but also allow our already good teachers and leaders to access advice and gain tips from the very best.

“Just because a school is receiving advice and help through this coaching scheme it doesn’t mean they are bad school. Advice from those at the top of their field is always useful and should be welcomed with open arms.”

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