A fond farewell to a brilliant Head Teacher


A packed St Margaret’s Church in Rainham saw the Christmas Service 2015 for St Margaret’s Church of England Junior School this morning.

A beautiful service led by the Reverend Judy Henning full of singing and music.

At the end of the service I was given the honour of addressing the congregation and thanking the retiring Head Teacher Paul Gabbett.

Here is what I said:

Today we have celebrated the coming of Christmas and the beautiful story of the birth of Jesus and the last day of term.

It is a special day for another reason and that is because a much loved and respected person is retiring.

We say au Revoir to a brilliant Head Teacher Mr Paul Gabbett, I say Au Revoir because I do not believe he will disappear off of the map entirely.

Mr Gabbett has been a Teacher at St Margaret’s for some 21 years 12 of them as Head Teacher.

Many thousands of our young people have gone off to further their careers with fond memories of their time at st Margarets , including members of my own family.

Not only has Mr Gabbett steered the school through 3 ofsteds but also 2 Sian’s  his legacy is an Outstanding school with outstanding Teachers and Staff , a school of which we are all extremely proud.

Mr Gabbett had also devoted a lot of his personal time to supporting music and musicians throughout Medway by his fantastic support of the Medway Music Association helping to deliver music lessons and opportunity to 1000 s of children in Medway.

In wishing you all a very happy Christmas could I please ask all of you to be upstanding and join in a thunderous applause for your brilliant head teacher Mr Paul Gabbett.



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