A great visit to the Academy of Cuxton Schools


Along with my colleague Ward Councillor Matt Fearn, I visited the

Academy of Cuxton Schools this morning. The Schools are now part of the Primary First Multi Academy Trust, headed by Chief Executive Justin Smith. Justin used to be a Head Teacher at the Pilgrim School in Borstal.

Warmly greeted by the brilliant Head Teacher Sandra Jones, I was able to discuss various educational matters before touring the school , speaking to both staff and pupils.

Matt and I met vibrant staff with happy, confident and learning pupils.

On asking the Year 6 various times table questions, they quickly turned the tables on to me, asking “Can we ask you questions now!”
I am pleased to report that I came up with the correct answer!

In one of the year 5 classes it was great to meet a fantastic volunteer Marjorie Court, who first attended the school as a five year old in 1939.

Marjorie visits the school for a whole morning each week, helping with reading, maths and general duties.

Congratulations Marjorie, you epitomise the whole community ethos that we are all striving to promote in our Medway Schools.



Thank you to Sandra and all of the Academy of Cuxton Schools for a warm welcome this morning.

We look forward to returning.

Photograph at top shows from left to right:

Justin Smith, Matt Fearn, Sandra Jones and myself.




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