MA brilliant Medway Youth Trust 16-19 Medway Summit

A brilliant 16-19 Summit hosted by Medway Youth Trust and Chaired by Jonathon Shaw today. Over 65 partners attended and worked through various challenges, all with the aim of ensuring the very best start in life for all of our Medway young people.

I had the honour of addressing the summit and here is what I said:

“Thank you Jonathon and thank you Medway Youth Trust for both organising this summit and leading on the new 16 – 19 strategy.
The reason that I am so passionate about Medway is that I believe Medway to be a fantastic place in which to live, learn and work.

I was born in Medway, in Castle Road, Chatham. 

Medway is my town!

As we look to the future, no one local authority, school, college, training provider or charity is going to bring about an increase in participation and sustained youth employment.

All partners must play a part in ensuring that our young people have the very best chance to get the the jobs available in London ,North Kent with the 27000 prospective jobs at the new Paramount Development , Ebbsfleet and of course Medway.

All partners must work to ensure that our young people are prepared for employment, offering the right curriculum, high quality independent advice and guidance and meeting the skills gap.

This requires collaboration, partnership and joint working and this summit is a catalyst for transformation, innovation and change.

We want ambition for our Medway young people and Medway the place.
We do have some challenges to address, and they are:
To increase participation.
To reduce NEET levels , particularly at age 18 .
To increase attainment for our post 16 and to ensure that our young people have sustained employment opportunities and on this matter you will be hearing from my Cabinet colleague Councillor Jane Chitty this afternoon.

This is true a cross council strategy that is about learning in Medway, working in Medway, living in Medway and raising aspiration in Medway.

I am looking forward to the second summit in January which will be about planning and committing to the practical actions.

So, my best wishes for a successful and positive day , let us all go into this summit committed to ensuring positive outcomes at the end of it.

Thank you.”
A big thank you to the Chief Executive of Medway Youth Trust and all the team for a fantastic day.


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