A warm welcome to the new Deacon of St Margaret’s Church in Rainham James Harratt

James ordination (17)

It was an honour to be in the congregation at Rochester Cathedral yesterday when our new Deacon James Michael Harratt was ordained Deacon by James, Bishop of Rochester. Altogether some 12 Deacons from around North Kent were Ordained.

Deacons were originally members of the Bishop’s household and share in his ministry of service and evangelisation, represented liturgically by their proclamation of the gospel and their assistance during the Eucharist. They have a special care for the sick and needy in the community, and for assisting the worship of the people.

James will be joining the Rev Judy Henning and Rev Melanie Simms at St Margaret’s Church in Rainham and I am photographed above with both Rev Judy and James.

and below with James.

James ordination (16)

All photographs are copyrighted to Tony Fairclough of St Margaret’s Church in Rainham

Following the Ordination we all retired to a welcoming party at the Millennium Centre organised by members of the congregation where we all drank a toast to James and his wife Helen.

James ordination (10)

This morning (Sunday) James and Helen were welcomed into our Church at a super service.

A warm welcome to James and Helen, may your stay with us be long and happy!



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