My Statement on Medway’s Key Stage 2 Results.


You will have seen the coverage of the National KS2 results. As you will all know, we have been working tirelessly with all Local Authority schools in Medway and indeed in partnership with our Academies.

The opposition are correct to highlight the importance of this, though I fear that their reasoning is more opportunistic than altruism.

What I would say is this, we have many excellent schools , teachers and governors in Medway and to all of you, THANK YOU,  you have our committed support, as a former Lecturer myself I know that the job is nothing if not challenging.

However, to every teacher and governor that is not giving it their all for whatever reason, my message is simple : Shape Up or Ship Out.

I will be meeting with the Regional Schools Commissioner and my message will be the same. We want to work with the excellent academies that are constantly expanding the boundaries of education. But we cannot continue to promote and celebrate inadequacy.

I expect the Commissioner to take the hard line with the failing academies that I and the council are pursuing with the Local Authority Schools who for whatever reason are not achieving.

I will also expect Governors of poorly performing schools to produce Action Plans to show how they are going to improve outcomes in their schools.

I acknowledge that every school has different circumstances and have their own unique challenges.

For the individual school however, they will soon have a different set of grades from next year and the year after. However, we cannot continue to offer excuses as unlike the school, the pupil only gets one set of grades when they leave primary school.

I am determined that every LEA School and Academy in Medway ensures that they offer the very best education, outcomes and opportunity for every child in Medway.

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One Response to “My Statement on Medway’s Key Stage 2 Results.”

  1. Julia Clarke Says:

    Mike, I respect and admire all that you do to improve education, BUT you do need to acknowledge that the LA school improvement services was deemed inadequate by Ofsted this year. Blame does need to be laid at this door. The LA may be supporting schools tirelessly, but not effectively.Your shape up or ship out advice to volunteers applies first and foremost to your staff back at the ranch!!

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