Leading the way in Secondary Education – and why we all have a responsibility


This was my response to Item 9 on Cabinet Agenda 7th July 2015
Leader, colleagues, there are many positive remarks in this report concerning Children’s Services and where there remain challenges, the notes in the right hand column give full details of the action being taken.

I would however like to draw colleague’s attention to SE KS4a on page 172.

As you know we have taken the approach of ‘putting the child at the centre of what we do’. Whilst, I am delighted that we are leading the way and have out performed the rest of Kent in regards to 5 A-C grades, including Maths and English. We must recognise however that part of caring about every child means having the responsibility to acknowledge some hard truths, we are still not good enough. Nearly 40% of our secondary pupils are not achieving this grade.
If we are to make any headway in tackling this inadequacy, we must move away from finding reasons why this is justifiable and blaming shortfall in resources. We know that to an extent, this is just a statistic and not entirely representative of the whole truth, but what we do know is a considerable number of the 40% are achieving 5 A-C’s, but are struggling with Maths and English. Considering, these are the two most key subjects that will help them stack up against competitors in the job market; it is my belief that this is unacceptable.
Obviously there is a responsibility for educational improvement that rests with teaching professionals , staff and Governors.
The Local Authority demands that they deliver the best for our young people and we must use our limited powers, and I must stress that they are limited to encourage our schools to do this.
It is the Governors who have the ultimate responsibility for their schools and our staff will try to ensure that Governors are equipped for the task.
It should be said that anyone working in the education sphere, be it teacher, support staff or governor who shares my conviction to fight for every last pupil will have a fervent ally in us.

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