Changes to Arriva Bus routes through Rainham Central

I thought that you might be interested in the following information concerning Arriva Bus Services through Rainham Central which are due to be implemented from the 12th July:
120/121– minor timing change on one journey
132- This will increase to every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday; Sundays remain at every 30 minutes.
New Loop service (replaces 116) – This will be a new service which will run via Chatham, Dockside Outlet, The University, Gillingham, Medway Hospital, Tescos Rainham Mark, Twydall, Rainham, Hempstead and Luton. This will run every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday from morning to early evening as the 116 currently does. There is a slight reduction in frequency from every 30 minutes to every 30 minutes. Please note that Arriva have posted some posters which state that Maidstone Road Rainham will no longer be served. This is INCORRECT and an error on their part which they are rectifying with new posters.
700- Wigmore – Gillingham – Chatham – Rochester – Strood – Bluewater

These services will be completely revised
All journeys will be numbered 700 and will run only between Chatham Waterfront Bus Station and Bluewater every 20 minutes. There will no longer be a direct service from the Lords Wood, Luton, Wigmore and Gillingham areas to Bluewater, but certain Service 132 buses will continue beyond Chatham as Service 700 to Bluewater and through fares will be available.

One Response to “Changes to Arriva Bus routes through Rainham Central”

  1. Steve jones Says:

    We could do with a service from sovereign quarter to dockside outlet as currently the buses at grange road the 176 only to Chatham.

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