Foster Care Fortnight in Medway 1st to 14th June

walking to school - cropped, 300x350


From Medway Council

What is it like to be a Foster Carer?

Fostering is:

  • carrying out all the usual tasks involved in caring for children – school runs, making and attending medical appointments, supporting education, finding appropriate clubs and things to do, and more
  • being there to meet children’s emotional needs, listening and helping them with worries and concerns
  • being part of a team that works with social workers and other professionals, and birth families to gain the best outcomes for the child
  • if you are the main carer, being available to care for the children after school, in school holidays, and at times when the child is unwell or unable to attend school
  • learning new skills though our training programme and keeping us up to date with a child’s progress
  • looking after yourself too, so that you can meet the varied and complex needs of children placed in your care

Full details here at Medway Council


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