My vision for the Young People of Medway


I am delighted to report back having been appointed to the slightly changed position of Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services. We have achieved considerable successes in the last year across the wide range of what Children’s Services encompasses, frequent readers will be aware of just how much this includes. It would have been impossible to achieve many of these without the support of my colleague Cllr and now MP Kelly Tolhurst.

Previously across Children’s and Adults the roles were divided with the Health and Wellbeing Board chaired by Cllr Mackness and Cllr Brake being the Portfolio Holder for Adult Services. In Children’s, Cllr Tolhurst was responsible for Educational  Improvement. Across both, in the new restructure they have been merged into one role respectively. Cllr Brake now chairs Health and Wellbeing as well as being Portfolio Holder and I am responsible for school improvement. This presents new challenges to what I imagined to be an already difficult time. However, it is vital that we get this right.

With that in mind I have two simple priorities:

–          Ensure that all young people live and go to school in a safe environment which will allow them to make the most of their education.

–          Ensure that the education offered is the best we can physically make it so that our young people can compete against competition both nationally and internationally.

The former being short term, it is key that we can continue the excellent work done to protect our looked after children and to support our excellent children’s social care teams across Medway.

In the long term, we are committed to ensuring that our school improvement teams can continue to drive up standards across Medway.

3 Responses to “My vision for the Young People of Medway”

  1. thebantamblogger Says:

    Good luck Mike 🙂

  2. Matt Durcan Says:

    Pleased to see you with that important portfolio, good luck!

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