A wonderful Celebration of Volunteering by Students from our Medway Universities


Accompanied by my wife Sheila, I had the honour of representing the Mayor of Medway at last nights Celebration of Volunteering by students from both the University of Greenwich and the University of Kent.

Held at the St George’s Centre over 130 young people received award for varying levels of volunteering commitment over the last year , from 25 to 700 hours.

I presented the Awards to each single nominee and the team nominees, all of whom had supported many local charities and groups here in Medway. I am photographed below

with one of the groups.



I also had the pleasure of meeting two Student Union Presidents, Tammy Naidoo (University of Kent) and Harry Hodges (University of Greenwich)



As an Administration we are very proud of of University Students and the fantastic contribution that they make to our Medway Community.

My congratulations to all of the nominee’s, they are all winners and I look forward to this initiative going from strength to strength in future years.

This was my closing speech to the nominees:-


As Lead Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services I am proud to say that here in Medway we have one of the most fantastic Education offers for our young people, literally

from Nursery to University

I never cease to be amazed and impressed by our young people here in Medway, I have said before and I’ll say it again now,  our young people are a credit to us. Today, you have proved it. Being a student is a unique time in a young person’s life and I am pleased to see so many students who are not only taking their academic responsibilities seriously, but also seeking to do more, for the community and to build upon their own experience.

As a community we depend very much on our volunteers






Hospital greeters and Friends of the Hospital shops

Hospital Radio

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme

The list is endless,

All of these rely on and in most cases are run entirely by fantastic volunteers.

It is also right that one should put back into society , not just take out of it.

Whilst some of you might be nearing the end of adult education, I would remind you that you never stop learning. I hope that you take the same vigour and enthusiasm that you have shown as volunteers into the working world whatever you may choose to do.

Finally, no matter what journey you decide to embark upon, I would just like to wish each and every one of you the very best of luck, good health, happiness and success in the future.

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