A Fantastic Medway Space Spectacular at Rainham School for Girls


Along with my colleague the Member of Parliament for Gillingham and Rainham Rehman Chishti we popped in to Rainham School for Girls this evening to enjoy the fantastic Medway Space Spectacular.

The event was run in conjunction with the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society (MKAS) 

The mission of MKAS is to make Astronomy and related sciences accessible to everyone, its aims are to promote and educate astronomy to the public and its members.

They certainly did that this evening with some great displays, and activities that were being enjoyed by members of the public both young and old. At one of the exciting stalls I was able to handle a piece of the moon , which proves that the moon is definitely not made of cheese!


We were able to use and handle some fantastic telescopic hardware by courtesy of f1telescopes.com from Sittingbourne.


The top photograph shows us with the Chairman of MKAS Ian Hargreaves, the Deputy Head of School  of RSG Mrs Hilary Burkett, and two colleagues who were supporting the Medway Japan Society Cllr Jane Etheridge and Sue Haydock.

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