Stirring up Stir Fry with the pupils of Walderslade Primary School in Medway


Following an invitation from our School Caterers Chartwells and in the company of my colleagues Councillor David Brake and Adrian Gulvin, I attended a stir fry cookery session at Walderslade Primary School today.

Children had first of all prepared a stir fry using fresh vegetables and were then allowed to cook it themselves before serving up a portion to my two colleagues and I,  we were also joined by four of the school governors.

The first photograph above (by courtesy of Patrick Burgess) shows with the Head Teacher Paul Dadson, who, as you can see, was dressed up, just like the pupils for their Book Day!

We then had the opportunity of joining pupils making the Stir Fry (pictured below with Sue Holland Regional Manager of Chartwells)


You might like to try the recipe yourselves


Then I was given the opportunity of visiting the kitchens to see the food being prepared for school lunch and was even able to serve a few portions up to the pupils!


I did notice that the food was obviously popular with the children who were all leaving clear plates. I also rather enjoyed the sponge pudding for desert!


I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending the school lunches to parents, cheap and full of the correct nutrients and vitamin and certainly, as far as we and the pupils were concerned, extremely tasty!

Thank you to the Head Teacher, Teachers, Staff, Governors and Pupils of Walderslade Primary School for a fantastic day.

(All photographs copyrighted to Patrick Burgess Governor at Walderslade Primary School)

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