In the days of proper sparks and of course Sparkers!


I found my mind wandering back as I tweeted to my friend Steve Corbishley who was up in Manchester watching the football between Manchester City and Barcelona, to when I was a young “Sparker” on HMS Loch Killisport in 1961. As I opened my BBC Sports App and clicked on live to listen to the match on BBC 5 Live, I can still remember , as though it was yesterday, tuning in the main transmitter in the wireless office , the 89Q! Waiting for the valve to turn a bright orange I recall. Then sitting down at my desk , bucket between my knees (I was forever sea sick) listening to the morse code coming through the earphones over my ears and typing the messages on the Imperial typewriter in front of me!

A casual Google entry and up comes the title which I have used above and give thanks to Godfrey Dykes RN for a great website.

Now we just pick up our Smart Phone and , using Facetime in my case, talk to friends and family across the world free of charge.

How time has move on. When I consider the technological developments  that have transpired over the last fifty years , I mean it whenI say that our Teaching Professionals are having to train our pupils and students for jobs that we do not know even exist yet!

Now, you might ask why my mind wandered when tweeting about a Manchester City football match?

Well, it’s simple really, I’m a Manchester United Fan!

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