Developments Proposed in East Rainham


Otterham Quay pic

Several local residents have contacted us to express their concern regarding possible large scale developments on ‘green field’ sites in the East Rainham area.
Any such development will have an impact on existing local roads, health services, schools, etc and it is therefore important that those living in the area are able to make their voices heard, with the assistance of their local Rainham Councillors.
Accordingly, we have arranged with the Council’s Planning Department a Meeting to be held at the Millennium Centre at the rear of St. Margaret’s Church, Rainham on Tuesday, 10th February 2015 at 7.30 pm.
At this Meeting, Senior Planning Officers will be available together with your Rainham Councillors.
The purpose is to explain: –
The various stages of the planning process and where proposals for each site have got to.
How residents can make their voices heard, supported by their local Councillors.
To listen to the concerns of residents in an informal setting and to answer their questions.
From Rainham Cllrs. David Carr, Rehman Chishti, M.P, Howard Doe, Barry Kemp, Mike O’Brien, David Royle and Les Wicks.
Promoted and printed by Brigita Amey on behalf of Gillingham and Rainham Conservatives and all of the above, all of 200 Canterbury Street, Gilingham, ME7 5XG.

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