A fantastic Medway Youth Offending Team Seminar


We held a fantastic Medway Youth Offending Team (MedwayYOT)Seminar in Gun Wharf this evening, attended by over a 100 partners from Medway and Kent and Elected Members.

The audience enjoyed some great presentations covering the high priority now given to the needs of victims.

The use of restorative approaches across all areas of YOT work.

The inspirational developments of Looked After Children apprenticeships in partnership with the Prison Service at Cookham Wood.

The future potential of taking direct control of the Junior Attendance Centre.

Finally the fascinating insight into the multi agency approach to managing risk and emerging themes within the local youth offending environment by looking at a fictitious came of Youth A.

In my closing address, I summed up by reiterating the point made by the Police Sergeant who worked in our Medway Community Safety Unit that Medway isn’t full of offending youths, there are a very small minority of our 45,000 plus young people who are involved with Medway YOT. Medway is a fantastically safe , clean and green place in which to live , work and play.

Finally I reintroduced our two young apprentices Natasha McDonald and Katie Dean who are pictured with me above and with their YOT Team Manager Louise Balderston who received a fantastic round of applause from the audience.

Congratulation and thanks to our Service Manager Keith Gulvin and all of his team and our partners and elected members who supported the event this evening.

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