A warm welcome at Chattenden Primary School in Medway


It was a really warm welcome at Chattenden Primary School when I visited along with my colleague Councillor Kelly Tolhurst today.

The school is part of the Peninsular Gateway Academy Trust.

Greeted by the Head Teacher  Mr Tim Muggridge, Kelly and I spent some time discussing educational affairs . We are both extremely proud of the warm relationship that we have with all of our schools, be they Academies or LEA Schools.

Afterwards we were able to visit all of the classrooms and took the opportunity of speaking to both pupils and staff.

The children were, as always, keen to show us their written work and to tell us what it was that they were learning.

The following is taken from the school website:

We are very proud of our school for many reasons, such as: our children’s superb manners, excellent attitudes to work and challenge, the respectful ethos but above all the fact that the staff and children at Chattenden are happy.

We have the ethos that every children deserves “Success No Matter What!” The schools results reflect this in consistently being in-line or above national targets at the end of each key stage for English, Maths and Science.

100% achievement at Key Stage 2 and a GOOD Ofsted in November 2014 , it was quite apparent to us just how much  the children were happy and eager to learn .

Thank you to all the staff and pupils of Chattenden Primary School for a fantastic morning.

Kelly and I are photographed above with the Head Teacher and some of the pupils who we met on our visit.

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