Adopt a child and change lives for good



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Debbie can’t imagine life without her children. They have transformed her life and those of two young people given a second chance of a happy and caring home.

The Gillingham mum was already a foster parent when she decided to start the process that would lead to the child, then in her temporary care, becoming her son. She has since adopted a second.

She said: “I just fell in love with the little boy I was looking after. When the time came for him to be adopted I put my name forward straight away. I had to go through a full assessment process but it really wasn’t that bad.

“There is so much support available, including the opportunity to talk to people in the same position as you. The social workers are great, they are on your side and they want every adoption to work so they are there to help every step of the way.

“My advice to anyone that is thinking about adopting – just go and talk to Medway’s adoption team. The very fact that you’re thinking about maybe adopting shows that you are the type of caring person that they need.

“Honesty is the key – don’t be afraid to talk to your social worker about the sorts of challenges you are and aren’t able to take on. Some people don’t feel able to adopt a disabled child, as I did, but that is fine, no one is going to judge you.

“Both the parent and child need to suit one another. I’ve been very lucky and have had a very positive experience.”

Adoption is just one way you can give children a happy home. To find out more about fostering, supported lodgings and other care options, visit:


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