An interesting visit to Fort Luton in Chatham

Fort Luton

I had the opportunity of visiting Fort Luton at the top of Magpie Hall Road in Chatham yesterday to see for myself the work that our Medway young people who made up the National Citizens Service Team 2 had carried out as their Social Action project a few weeks ago.

The team created a disable entrance into Fort Luton. This means that members of the local community are now able to easily access the Forts facilities. They raised the money for their project themselves and planned and carried out the work under the guidance and support of Lance Phillips.

Fort Luton1Whilst there I met some wonderful ladies from Fun Kidz World and joined them as we were shown around the Fort by Lance Phillips who is leading the conservation initiative at the Fort.

I am pictured at the top of the page with Lance to my left and a group of fantastic ladies.

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