Spotlight on Karon Buck, Principal, Medway University Technical College


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I am photographed above with Karon Buck, Principal, Medway UTC


Tell us something about yourself ?
I am passionate about providing a first class education for young people. My drive for this is that I was the first person in my own family to go to university. At the time, it certainly was not the done thing.

What are you doing today?
Meeting with a representative from Bloodhound, the UK supersonic car engineering project, to invite them to future
Medway UTC events. I am also moving into my temporary office at the University of Greenwich.

What drives you to succeed?
I always want the very best for my students and the people that work for me. I strongly believe that it is my job to lead by example.

What is it about this job that made you decide to apply?
I wanted to be involved in this exciting education revolution. UTCs offer fantastic opportunities for young people, being able to learn and work alongside top worldwide companies is such a benefit.

What can future pupils expect from Medway UTC?
We will guide our students as they lay the foundations for what I anticipate will be the start of an exciting educational
experience that leads to outstanding achievements in the fields of engineering and construction.

They will be given every opportunity to be successful and graduate from Medway UTC with a portfolio of
traditional GCSEs and A-levels, as well as industry respected technical qualifications.

Have you planned day one of the first term yet?
Day one will be a big celebration as we open our door for the first time to new students and new staff.

What will you say to pupils to welcome them to their new school?
I will welcome them by telling them of my high expectations of them and the staff at Medway UTC. Everyone will be working hard to ensure they are successful in everything they do. I will remind them of the exciting journey we have ahead of us and how they are pioneers and part of an educational revolution.

What difference will Medway UTC make?
Medway UTC will provide an alternative education pathway for young people. It will give them the opportunity to learn from and work along side world-class professionals in their field, and provide a direct route to future higher education and/or employment.

How will it differ from what is already available?
Due to working directly with our industrial sponsors, our students have direct exposure to the very best knowledge and skills required for employment and higher education in the 21st Century.

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