A warm welcome at the Foundations Contact Centre in Chatham today



I was warmly greeted by the CEO of Foundations :Supporting Families Lesley Singleton when I visited the offices in Chatham this morning.

Based at Paddock House in Rome Terrace Chatham  I was given a tour of the premises and met and talked with staff.

In particular the Service Manager Rhiannon Singleton with whom I am photographed above with CEO Lesley Singleton on the right.

I was particularly pleased to visit this room as it was one of the projects of the recent National Citizenship Service programme where one of the teams completely redecorated the room. A super job they made of it too!

Full details of the great work that Foundations do can be found on their website here and here are some details taken from it:

Foundations: Supporting Families is a registered Charity and aims to support Children and their families who are separated either from family breakdown, Local Authority interventions or through adoption. Our goal is to support parents and children with communication, the families’ transition through change and contact whatever the reason that separation has occurred, re-uniting families when contact has been lost.

The center is based in Chatham, Kent and provides independent supervised contact services when there are risks or a lack of trust or where there has been a long gap in contact. We also provide supported contact where their may have been a gap or lack of a suitable environment for contact to take place.

Foundations is fully Accreditation by the National Association of Child Contact Centers (NACCC) and has contracts from the Children and Families Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCASS), providing Contact Services, when there are significant issues or risks.

Foundations have developed a programme ‘Impact’ to support parents in understanding the impact upon their selves and their children. Our aim is to provide information and support for parents to ensure that the transition which is very emotional does not impact on their children negatively. This programme is based on research and extensive experience in this field. Within this we also look at Maintenance for children which is another that separating parents often struggle with.

We are also undertaking research, so we would ask for your views and experience too, whether you are now an adult who has positive or negative experiences of separation and divorce, a Grandparent or other extended family member, a non-resident parent or resident parent. Your views are important to ensure that the support we offer helps the overall tasks which is reducing the negative impact that separation and divorce has on those involved.

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