New project to help move traffic off Medway City Estate


Medway Council is to try and help ease traffic problems on the Medway City Estate by slowing traffic down in the Medway Tunnel.

During yesterday’s afternoon rush hour, motorists heading to the Medway Tunnel from the Chatham side saw 30mph warning signs.

A lorry, also displaying flashing 30mph signs, then helped slow traffic down in the tunnel, allowing motorists from the Medway City Estate to leave more easily at the Anthonys Way roundabout.

The scheme will now be used each weekday from 4.15pm to 6.15pm until the road works in Strood causing the estate delays are complete.

Andy McGrath, Assistant Director of Frontline Services, said: “We are well aware that the gas works being carried out in Station Road have had a severe impact on the traffic leaving the City Estate in the early evening.

“While the experiment in the tunnel did lead to tunnel users having to slow down from the limit of 50mph our evidence showed that getting traffic to flow off the City Estate more easily was helped by this experiment.

“We hope that once the gas works move on traffic will get back to previous levels but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

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