The Chief Constable of Kent outlines his Mission Statement and Priorities


I had the opportunity of meeting the Chief Constable of Kent Police Alan Pughsley this week when he outlined his Mission Statement and the values that he expected his officers to practice , full details can be found on the Kent Police Website here and an excerpt follows here:

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities

Kent Police Mission Statement ‘provide a first class service protecting and serving the people of Kent’

Vision of the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner
‘Our joint vision is for Kent to be a safe place for people to live, work and visit. By protecting the
public from harm, we will allow our communities to flourish and by working with the public and
partners, we will provide a first class policing service that is both visible and accessible. We will
retain neighbourhood policing as the bedrock of policing in Kent. We will be there when the public need us and we will act with integrity in all that we do.’

Kent Police Values
We will put the public first and deliver a service to be proud of.
We will serve with integrity and professionalism.
We will treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity.
We will be innovative, use resources wisely and operate as one team.
We will act with humility, compassion and courtesy.
We will listen, learn and strive to improve.

Kent Police Priorities
Cutting crime, catching criminals and dealing with anti-social behaviour.
Ensuring visible community policing is at the heart of Kent’s Policing Model.
Providing a professional service, putting victims and witnesses first.
Protecting the public from serious harm.
Meeting national commitments for policing.
Delivering value for money.
Developing and supporting our workforce.
Privacy Policy and Legal Notice | Accessibility | ©2013 Kent Police

I am extremely mindful of the fantastic job that Kent Police, particularly here in Medway, do on a day to day basis protecting the people of Kent and Medway, my sincere thanks to them all.

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