Don’t become a fake lottery victim


News from Medway Matters

Trading Standards officers are warning people to beware of fake lottery scams – and get the latest advice on how to stay safe online.

Trading Standards receive several calls each week from people who say they’ve had a letter, email or telephone call saying they have won a foreign lottery.

And the advice is to simply ignore.

Ian Gilmore, Team Leader with Medway Council’s Trading Standards, said: “The scammers promise huge lottery pay-outs for the recipients, who haven’t even entered the foreign lottery.

“The promises are designed to exploit vulnerable consumers into parting with either hard earned cash or their personal information such as credit card or bank account details.

“Those responsible for these scams are often located abroad and continually change their addresses and the name of the businesses responsible to avoid being identified.

“The best advice to consumers is to ignore unsolicited emails, letters and telephone calls that promise financial rewards.

“If a consumer want to discuss any correspondence they receive they can contact a Trading Standards adviser on 08454 0405060 for free advice.”

Medway Council’s Trading Standards team would encourage all residents to spare some time to read ‘Rough Guide to Online Safety’.

It includes tips on how to safely shop online and can help protect consumers from unscrupulous people, who try to obtain their credit card details.

To download the Rough Guide to Online Safety go to

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