CVS has rebranded has re-launched as ‘Medway Voluntary Action”


News from Medway Voluntary Action website

We have changed our name, but we are keeping our values and mission. The change from CVS Medway to Medway Voluntary Action signals a new and more vital approach to how we go about achieving our mission.

Why we are changing
The change signals our response to the changing environment that we all work in now. In common with the rest of the voluntary and community sector and the statutory sector, we are facing a rising demand for our services while at the same time, we are seeing a fall in income.

We are also seeing a range of factors affecting the sector with new forms of organisations, the introduction of procurement for health and social services, a renewed interest from statutory bodies in how they can work with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) to achieve common goals and a blurring of the lines between the sectors with the emphasis on social enterprise and private sector companies delivering health and social care.

What we are changing
All of these things have meant that we have had to look long and hard at what we do and think about how we can do better, what we can do smarter and what we can do to support the sector in changing times.

Some of this work has been going on for some time and the name change reflects the changes we have made as well those we are working towards. For example you will have noticed the development of this website which we will continue to work on, providing you with ever growing sources of information, resources and news.

We have revisited our Halls for Hire Directory and are bring in up to date and putting it online. We have invested in a new database, which means that we will be able to publish a searchable directory of VCS organisations in Medway; both of these will replace the old out of date paper versions.

We are also developing whole new areas of work for example: a representation structure to bring together the sector and make its voice heard, and a way of notifying you of procurement opportunities and facilitating joint bidding.

And finally, we are working with both Volunteer Centres and Medway Youth Trust to develop a single, dynamic and responsive volunteer offer for Medway.

How you can help us
Your feedback is essential to us; we need you to tell us what you need from us. Please take time to read about our new offer.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us

Phone: 01634 812850


If you like what you see, join Medway Voluntary Action and help us to help you.

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