I meet Harvey the Bear at the Children’s Safety Day at the Strand in Gillingham


I joined Community staff nurses and nursery nurses who are part of Medway Community Healthcare’s (MCH) health visiting teams who were at the Strand in Gillingham on 26 June, offering advice on how to keep children safe from accidents.
Hayley Ince, specialist health visitor for public health worked with some of the Medway sure start children’s centres, agencies from Medway council and Kent fire and rescue teams to promote home safety to parents and carers.
“We need to do everything we can to guard against accidents and things that might happen to our children and one of the most frequent times accidents can take place at home is when we are all rushing around in the morning trying to get out the door.”
And it is in that daily morning rush, as we are busy making hot drinks and using hair straighteners and irons, that safety, especially that of our children, sometimes doesn’t get our full attention.
“The morning can be such a hectic time at home that we forget about these risks” continued Hayley, “A young child could spill that morning coffee and badly scald, or burn themselves on hair straighteners or an iron left to cool on the side. Maybe in the rush to get out the door, the safety gate at the top of the stairs might be left open and a child could fall down.”
As well as offering advice, Medway Community Healthcare is running a colouring competition for under-fives form across Medway.

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