Advance notice of new Storm Water Sewer work which will affect Lonsdale Drive and adjoining Roads in Rainham Central

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Southern Water will be upgrading the storm (foul and surface water combined) sewer which runs along Lonsdale Drive, from Kenilworth junction to north of Ploughmans Way.

The scheme is due to start on 12th May, with an estimated end date of 16th September.
The works will involve a full road closure, with buses diverted via Arthur Road, Maidstone Road and Deanwood Drive, with temporary bus stops as needed.
The works are proposed to start at Kenilworth Drive junction end, with the length of the works kept to between each set of manholes, using pumps to maintain flow to the next cover downstream.

There may be a need to close the end of Ploughmans Way too, but Southern Water will try to maintain at least some access in/out during the works, possibly with only one direction up or down Lonsdale, with temporary traffic lights if needed.

Residents within the affected section will have some restriction of access to their driveways at times, but SWS will maintain access as much as possible during the works, putting road plates down on certain excavation sites if required.

Advance letter drop and warning signs will be arranged by Southern Water.

If there’s any change of start or end date, I will amend my blog accordingly.

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