My visit to Home-start Medway

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I was invited to visit Home-Start Medway in Gillingham today where I was met by the Scheme Manager Charlie Grunden and introduced to the team and given full details of the work that they and their volunteers (male and female) do.

Their website explains what they do for Medway Families.

Home-Start Medway provides a unique service for familes, recruiting and training volunteers to support parents with young children at home.   Currently we supervise and support over 65 volunteers, who help support over 120 families.

Home-Start Medway opened in 1987, 14 years after the original Home-Start began in Leicester. Across the UK, there are over 250 Home-Start schemes. Home-Start Medway is an independent charity which adopts the Constitution, Standards and Methods of Practice of Home-Start UK.

Home-Start Medway is based in Gillingham and covers the whole  Medway area.

We are managed by a Board of Trustees who are from the local community and come from a variety of different backgrounds.

We have strong Partnerships with many local organisations and companies which allow us to utilise local expertise to enhance support for families.

We are funded by the Medway Children’s Trust.

Here are some of their testimonials:


It was nice to have somewhere I could take Penny and meet new mums and dads and swap tips / stories and make parents feel less isolated.

My volunteer helped me to get out of a deep depression, just before she started I was thinking how can I take my life. I just wanted to die.

Well, all I can say is that my volunteer was excellent. My children loved her and we are all going to be very sad we will not see her again. She did and excellent job and she is a credit to Home-Start.

I just think the whole thing is really good. You are providing a really good service. Everybody is very approachable.

Fantastic support invaluable.

I’d love her to come more often and for longer. She’s like a sister to me. I can talk to her about anything. The good she gives me I would like to give back to her in some way.

I find it really helpful. Im glad my Health Visitor referred me. I feel that without my volunteers support I would be really struggling. Its so nice to know shes coming round. Shes my angel.

How would I have managed without her! Shes brilliant. I trust her totally with my children which is something I find difficult.

Home-Start has been a valuable service to our family in supporting us all in difficult circumstances.

Really pleased I went through with getting a volunteer. ITS A LIFELINE!

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