A warm welcome at Bryony Nursery and Infant School

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I received a warm welcome when I visited Bryony  Nursery and Infant School this morning. Greeted by the Principal Mrs M Edmunds I was given a tour of the school where I was able to meet and talk with pupils and of course the Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Volunteers.

Bryony is a privately run school with a Husband and Wife team at the helm.

Having spent a few hours with the Nursery and Infants, I am looking forward to returning for a Christmas Concert in a couple of weeks then a tour of the Junior School in Meresborough.

This information on the school is taken from their website :

This is a thriving private school for children from the age of 2 through to the age of 11.
The school is easily accessible from the A2 or M2 and has a wide catchment area.
We provide a formal, friendly, homely working environment with very small classes and extremely able educationalists in charge.

We encourage each individual to achieve their full potential. All pupils are academically stretched, promoting their personal and social development.

Parental support and assistance is welcomed.

Pupils are encouraged to attempt the 11 Plus selection tests. We boast an excellent success level with a usual high percentage entering grammar school.   In 2006 100% of the entrants passed their 11 Plus.  Several of our pupils have gained scholarships to public school.

Being a happy school, the children work to the best of their ability.
Good manners are expected.

Homework is an essential requirement

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and look forward to returning in the near future.

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