My visit to Stoke Community School almost completes my tour


I had a great visit to Stoke Community School where I was able to meet and talk with the Head Teacher

Mr N McDonough with whom I am photographed above.

I also met with the Chair of Governors and was then taken on a tour of the school to meet with Teachers, Teaching Staff and Pupils.

The School Vision is taken from the  School website :


‘Believe and Achieve’
The Aims of the School
At Stoke Community School we strive to do the following: to provide a safe, secure but exciting learning environment for all the children; to make all parents and carers feel welcome and encourage them to share in their child’s learning experiences throughout their whole school life; to provide high quality, broad based learning in line with the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, building upon previous knowledge and learning experiences.
We also endeavour to ensure that children:
          are healthy
          stay safe
          enjoy and achieve well
          make a positive contribution
          prepare themselves for their future
The Staff and Governors are fully committed to the Every Child Matters agenda.


I now have just three schools left to visit with my last visit scheduled for November 8th

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