A visit to Cliffe Woods Primary School


Continuing my visits to Medway Schools, today I visited Cliffe Woods Primary School where I enjoyed a tour of the school escorted by the Principal Mr Tim Watson.

Although it was wet outside I had a very warm reception inside going around the various classrooms and seeing the lessons in progress.

I was also introduced to members of staff and able to discuss Education matters with the Principal.

Here is information from the School website

Cliffe Woods Primary School is proud to be at the heart of the community. We have consistently been one of the top performing primary schools in the Local Authority and on 1st July 2011 we were granted Academy Status which means we are funded directly from the Government and are independent from Medway Council. We have approximately 320 children in the school and our standard number for admissions each year is 45. Children usually start school after their fourth birthday and stay with us until they reach eleven.
Cliffe Woods

The school is set in wonderful green, spacious grounds and we are fortunate in being able to benefit from and make use of our excellent facilities.

Cliffe Woods Cliffe Woods
We are committed to developing a learning environment which is:
Cliffe Wood Happy
Cliffe Wood Safe
Cliffe Wood Caring
Cliffe Wood Exciting
Cliffe Wood And full of opportunities
Cliffe Woods
Cliffe Woods Primary School is dedicated to pursuing excellence through:
Cliffe Wood A stimulating and well resourced environment
Cliffe Wood Enthusiastic and energising staff
Cliffe Wood The development and encouragement of everyone at the school
Cliffe Wood Raising self esteem and awareness of others
Cliffe Wood Encouraging respect
Cliffe Woods
We aim to deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum through:
Cliffe Woods Excellent and enthusiastic teaching
Cliffe Woods Innovation
Cliffe Woods Encouraging reflection and thinking skills
Cliffe Woods Providing opportunities to broaden creativity and self-worth
Cliffe Woods Celebrating achievements with each member of our school community, every step of the way
Cliffe Woods

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