Public exhibition on proposals for Rochester Airport


News from Medway Council website

A public exhibition will next week launch two months of consultation on proposals aimed at ensuring Rochester Airport continues to fly.

The two day event takes place 10.30am to 8pm Monday (22 July) and Tuesday (23 July), at the Innovation Centre, Maidstone Road, Chatham.

Residents and businesses will be able to see the latest draft of proposals that could create up to 1,000 jobs plus improved facilities that would increase the airport heritage tourism potential.

Medway Council’s cabinet agreed this month to carry out a formal consultation over the coming weeks to agree a final master plan that will set the template for any future development.

This follows on from initial consultation held earlier this year with local firms and residents. Their feedback has helped to finalise the proposals on which a final decision will be made.

Cllr Alan Jarrett, Deputy Leader of Medway Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance, said: “We want to put a plan in place for Rochester Airport that will help us decide how best to ensure its future by maximising its potential for jobs and tourism.

“We have included residents and businesses in our plans from the start, including an exhibition held at the Innovation Centre earlier this year. This consultation will given them another opportunity to have their say before the master plan is agreed.”

Following the exhibition residents and businesses will have until Friday, 20 September to have their say. To read more on the proposals for Rochester Airport visit

First established in 1933, the Rochester Airport site is owned by Medway Council and has been leased since to an airport operator – Rochester Airport Limited.

Proposals, revealed last autumn, involve replacing many of the existing buildings and facilities on the airport now reaching the end of their useful life and a reconfiguration of the existing runways.

One of the grass runways on site will be closed and replaced with a new parallel grass and paved runway. The paved runway will allow a small aircraft to take off and climb to a higher altitude very quickly, reducing the impact of noise on surrounding homes.

The grass runway will allow the nationally recognised Medway Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS) to continue to use the site for heritage aircraft and open days. It would not lead to the site becoming a full-scale commercial passenger carrying airport.

The new runway layout could allow 29 acres near to Rochester Airport Industrial Estate to be developed as a new hub for science or technology related firms – with the potential to eventually create up to 1,000 new skilled jobs.

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4 Responses to “Public exhibition on proposals for Rochester Airport”

  1. mr h henbest Says:

    The airport will become a full scale passenger terminal because the council will have no say on air flight numbers.

  2. Stuart Taylor Says:

    Why have you changed the picture for this blog post from that of a commercial airport to this shot of the two vital runways that exist presently at Rochester Airport? God help us if you get your way and your Rochester Airport Masterplan is implemented!

    • mr h henbest Says:

      we already suffer low flying aircraft to London city airport on a daily basis this airport expansion plan will only make things worse. .Do the conservatives really listen to their electorate, I agree with you Stuart once a private company buys the airport from the council they will have no further say on how it will be operated.

  3. Patrick O'Keeffe Says:

    My household is against the proposal due to the following reasons

    #The area is too built up for any kind of Airport.

    The proposal has come too late. It would be appropriate when Marconic was in its heydays and when there were annual air shows.

    Since then, closure of the greyhound racing ground, the development of motorways, housing in Walderslade, land release to Retail Park and even the latest refurbishment of old houses in the area make the masterplan insensitive and aggravate the environmental intrusion to residents’ well being.

    #Support dubious if the majority of Medway citizens are widely and fully informed of the non glossy side of consequences

    The Stop campaigns collected 500 signatures, how many would the Council collect if the subsidy of £4m is widely known. Also, drawing a parallel of the Council’s failed adventure with the empty refurbished offices and most telling loss of a white elephant called ‘Millennium Dome’. Would the residents be happy to fund the masterplan. Furthermore, would the residents be happy if the refurbished airport be sold for commercial use and at a loss when the Council struggles to keep up with the running. Who would benefit?

    #Waste of residents’ time
    Insensitivity to residents’ welfare for an ambient living environment creats hassles and time wasting.

    #Job Creation and City Status
    If the Council really wants to creat jobs and bid for the City status, the Council should examine bigger projects. We are not happy with an Airport at Isle of Grain. However, it at least creat more jobs, more demand of rental and commercial activities. Perhaps the Council feel that a small commercial airport would be able to generate the kind of activities to bring in an international crowd of investors. What do the Council do – simply appropriate a £50k for a ‘NO’ campaign

    The Council has done some good work and Medway is run adequately well with its basic services.

    However, we have to go about our daily lives, please spare us the pain of escalating our protest to the Rochester Airport Masterplan.

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