Mike supports Rehman Chishti MP call for tougher sentences for repeat Drink Driving convictions

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Give courts power to lock up repeat drink drivers for longer, says MP

Rehman Chishti Rehman Chishti

Chris BritcherMonday, July 1, 2013
3:09 PM

Rehman Chishti to push bill to toughen up sentencing

An MP is demanding tougher penalties for motorists who persistently drink and drive.

Gillinghan and Strood MP Rehman Chishti will introduce his Drink Driving (repeat offenders) Bill in Parliament this Wednesday.

It will demand courts are allowed to lock up drink drivers for up to two years.

Currently the maximum jail sentence is six months no matter how many times a motorist has previously been caught.

Under the Conservative MP’s proposals, those caught three times could face two years in jail.

Mr Chishti said: “It is clear that the current law is not a powerful enough deterrent for many people.

“In 2011 almost 10,000 casualties occurred when someone was driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit.

“More people are in fact killed as a result of drink driving than from knife crime, yet the maximum penalty for carrying a knife is four years in prison compared to the significantly lower six months for drink driving.”

In Kent and Medway, a person is killed in a collision every week with one in six of those deaths linked to drink driving.

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