Mike visits Wainscott Primary School

Wainscott photo

Continuing my visits to schools in Medway, I had the pleasure of visiting Wainscott Primary School in Wainscott today.

I met the Head Teacher Mrs Liz Edwins and the Chair of Governors Peter Casselton and discussed many issues, including the expansion of the school which I reported on to Cabinet colleagues this afternoon, here is what I said:


  • The report seeks approval to appoint a contractor for refurbishment works at Wainscott Primary School.
  • The proposed works are a small part of a bigger overall project to create additional capacity for another form of entry in all year groups.
  • The main new building contract has already been let to BAM construction, following approval from Cabinet.


Business case


  • The council’s School Organisation Plan, which was approved by Cabinet in November 2011, sets out the need for additional primary age provision in Wainscott.
  • This need is a result of an increase in the birth rate in recent years, combined with a new housing development in Wainscott at Liberty Park.
  • Wainscott Primary School has been one of the most oversubscribed schools in Medway in recent years, and so the project supports our School Organisation Principles of expanding popular and successful schools.

The proposed scheme

  • The proposed project will involve the remodeling and refurbishment of existing buildings, and will be carried out in the summer alongside the main new build contract.
  • The project will enable the school to offer places for up to 60 pupils in year R from September 2013.
  • This is the third good news story for Medway’s children that I announced this afternoon, following on from the expansion of Brompton-Wesbrook Primary School and the building of a new Primary School in Chatham to be built on the former Chatham South Secondary School site.

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