Mike visits Brompton-Westbrook Primary School


I had the pleasure of visiting Brompton-Westbrook Primary School and Sure Start Centre this afternoon.

I met with the Headteacher Jane Heyes who showed me around the school.

It was a gloriously sunny day and I then joined the children who were practicing for their sports day.

It is worth revisiting their Aims which I reprint below and which is taken from their website:




Above all, we aim to enable everyone to realise their full potential and make the best possible contribution to society.



We want:

Our children to enjoy a personalised and stimulating curriculum that raises their aspirations

Our staff to be dedicate and work together to help children and families succeed

Our governors, parents and community to be supportive and work together so that pupils progress and achieve


  • Achievement – to get things done to the best of your ability
  • Motivation – have the desire, energy, interest and commitment to do your best
  • Respect –treating others with consideration and understanding
  • Responsibility –being trustworthy and doing your duty
  • Consistency – being regular and reliable and doing your best all the time

The photograph shows me with Mrs Heyes.


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