Mike’s shock as Labour propose Peninsula destruction

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Medway Conservatives are today shocked at comments made by the Labour group showing support for the destruction of valuable and protected marshland on the Hoo Peninsula.

In a move that would threaten the habitat of 300,000 birds, bring air, noise and sound pollution, and blight the lives of over 25,000 Peninsula residents; Medway Labour suggested the Governments proposed Lower Thames Crossing should pave over the very land they claim to want to protect from an estuary airport.

Condemning the proposals, ward councillors Phil Filmer, Chris Irvine and Tony Watson, said:

“This proposal shows a shocking disregard for those that live on the Peninsula by the Labour Group and gives a strong indication of how a Labour run council would treat the environment.

“Residents on the Hoo Peninsula have been campaigning hard against a Thames Estuary Airport to protect this important habitat and so to have the Labour Group proposing a scheme like this is unbelievably hypocritical of them.

“A tunnel crossing under the river Thames at this location as suggested by Labour councillors would only strengthen the argument in favour of an Estuary Airport and as ward councillors we cannot support this position.”

Alan Jarrett, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance, said:

“The fact of the matter is that the Council is working with a number of partners on Medway’s regeneration with a number of projects already taking place.

“The first units on Rochester Riverside have just been completed, development at Gillingham Marina is ongoing, outline planning permission for Chatham Water has been granted, and new funding for Strood which the Labour Group opposed has been secured, the list goes on.

“To suggest that a Lower Thames Crossing ripping up the Peninsula is necessary for job creation shows a distinct lack of understanding on this important issue.

“Labour never misses an opportunity to play politics with any story that comes up, and once again demonstrates that the Medway Labour Group has a total disregard for the well-being of people that live in Medway.”


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