Mike visits the Courtroom at Hempstead Junior School

courtroom 022

News from Medway Council website

More than 1,000 pupils across Medway have taken part in an innovative education show designed to help them learn about road safety.

Courtroom aims to help children aged between seven and 11 (key stage 2) learn how to make better road side decisions for themselves and others.

The Tiny Giants Production shows pupils the basics of what happens in a court of law and all the factors involved in coming to a sentence.

At each school, students joined the stage, to become witnesses and jury members.

The court case in the production explored a road traffic collision, involving a young person who was hit by a car.

courtroom 017

Medway Council Portfolio Holder for Front Line Services Cllr Phil Filmer said: “I hope the show will enable the pupils to make better, safer decisions when travelling. The students see and hear about some of the consequences and dangers that the characters have experienced, encouraging them to learn by the characters mistakes. They learn that by making the right choice they will keep themselves and other safe when out travelling in Medway.”

Key messages in the show are considerate parking, pedestrian safety, seatbelts, distractions and ownership of making good choices

Cllr Filmer continued: “The production helped the pupils understand they can make a difference to their safety and that of others by making good sound decisions such as walking to school to reduce congestion, getting healthy and improving the environment outside of the school gates”.

Hempstead Junior School was one of the schools to take part. Headteacher Mary Golding said: “Tiny Giants presented an entertaining play while addressing the more serious message of road safety. It made the children stop and think. The children and teachers were all impressed by the performance.”

The production was funded by Medway’s Road Safety Team and Parking Team.

If you would like to find out more about this or any other Road Safety Education service, please contact: travel.safety@medway.gov.uk or visit www.medway.gov.uk/saferjourneys orwww.facebook.com/saferjourneysinmedway

Photograph at top of page shows Mike with the cast of Tiny Giants at Hempstead Junior School.

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