Mike opposes the Redefinition of Marriage

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I am pleased to say that at the last  Medway Full Council meeting I enjoyed the support of my Conservative colleagues in passing  an amendment to the factually incorrect and divisive Labour motion on the redefinition of Marriage :

My amendment was :

This council notes:

1. That the Government is currently considering proposals for the redefinition of marriage.

2. That there was a considerable consultation where all members of the public were given the opportunity to comment.

3. That the 3 month long public consultation attracted over 228,000 responses as well as a number of petitions.

4. That Members of Parliament are to be given a free vote on this matter according to their own convictions.

This Council believes:

That this is a matter for Parliament to debate and vote upon when the Bill is presented.

In proposing my amendment I stated the following :

Mr Mayor, I propose the amendment placed before you to focus the motion and to recognise that the vote in Parliament is to be a free one and down to each individual’s choice.

I can’t help but consider if Cllr Murray submitted this motion in a political attempt to provoke my conservative colleagues on a topic she knows is highly emotive for a lot of us. I say this, as the appropriate time for this council to pass a motion on this topic would have been some seven months ago when the Government was consulting on this. However it could just be that Cllr Murray has only just noticed this topic in the national news! At least she has the Leader’s report every three months at this Council to update on what is happening locally within Medway!

As a happily married man for some 48 years I feel that I can speak with some authority on the subject,  it is my own personal view that marriage is between a man and woman and that government has no place in legislating on this topic. Marriage is an institution that is centred on a man and a woman and my personal view is that this should remain the case. I want to be clear that this is not about denying the love that homosexual couples feel for each other but preserving marriage in its current state. Homosexual and Lesbian couples should not be denied the same legal rights as heterosexual couples and so I am pleased to support civil partnerships.

Mr Mayor I so move,

In my summing up after the debate I made my position clear :

I am totally opposed to the redefinition of Marriage.

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