BBC RADIO 4s Any Questions? to broadcast from Medway


News from Medway Council website

BBC Radio 4s Any Questions? is set to be broadcast from Medway.

The current affairs programme, which is presented by Jonathan Dimbleby, is broadcast live on Friday evenings, just after 8pm.

The broadcast in Medway is on Friday, 29 March,at the St George’s Centre, Chatham Maritime, with doors opening from 6.30pm.

The radio show is run on a Question Time style format where audience members can ask questions of a panel on nationally and internationally important issues of the day.

Details of the panel are subject to change, but early indications are that it will include former Rochester and Strood MP Bob Marshall-Andrews and Tom Newton Dunn, the political editor of The Sun newspaper, though this is subject to change.

The event will be ticket only and Medway Council will be arranging the allocation and distribution of tickets.

Members of the public are welcome to apply for a ticket and should send requests by email to

Please note that as it is a live event, the BBC has put an age restriction on the audience, so it is only for those aged 14 and above.

Image by courtesy of google images (share)

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