Mike visits St Margaret’s Youth Club

January 2013 009

I had the pleasure of visiting the St Margaret’s Youth Club which is held each week  at St Margaret’s Church of England Junior School in Rainham Central.

The Youth Club caters for some 90 youngsters from Years 5 to 7 and is superbly led by the Youth Club Manager Owen Smith and his dedicated team of volunteers (all CRB checked) and with the additional support of volunteer parents.

At the Youth Club youngsters can choose between pool, table tennis, badminton and a whole range of indoor activities plus with the added bonus of outdoor activities such as football or spending their energy just running around or on their scooters.

The whole ethos of the Youth Club is to have fun in a SAFE, SECURE and SUPERVISED environment.

On my visit it was great to see so many youngsters from Rainham Central and Rainham North so obviously enjoying themselves, the Youth Club is a tremendous asset to our community.

My thanks to the Headteacher and Governing Body of St Margaret’sSchool who fund the club and to Owen and his team of volunteers who run it each week, also to the supportive parents.

If any parent would like further information on the Youth Club please telephone the school on 01634 230998.

The photographs shows Owen and I having a game of pool, needless to say, I lost!

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