Chatham High Street, Safe, Clean and Green

Over the last few months, Medway Council and Medway Police working with our strategic partner agencies have been carrying out Operation Impede. The purpose of the Operation being to divert “Street Drinkers” and individuals with drug and alcohol problems into programmes designed to help them.

Operation Impede is a multi-agency operation involving Kent Medway Police, Medway Alcohol Services and the Drug Intervention Programme.

The operation not only helps to reassure residents that the Alcohol Control Zones are being robustly enforced, but also provides outreach support for individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol, referring them to static services.

In my capacity as Chair of the Medway Community Safety Partnership I had the pleasure of spending a day with the Chatham High Street team today to see for myself the tremendous results that they, working with Community Officers and Environmental Officers from Medway Council and Partner Agencies  have achieved.

The Medway CCTV Control Room, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Businesses and the Pentagon have all played their part too (For operational and security reasons I will not elaborate further on that)

The High Street team have taken “ownership” of the High Street and have spent the last year or so building up relationships with traders, residents and also those that have been causing a problem.

Medway Council Community Officers have been active in pursuing Environmental Crime, combating littering by way of Education and where necessary issuing Fixed Penalty Notices and ensuring that fly tipping has been dealt with.

They have also carried out Licensing visits of shops and restaurants to ensure that they were safe places for people to use.

Crime is down, shoplifting is also substantially down.

Today when I was in Chatham, I saw the results of their combined actions, a vibrant High Street that was Safe, Clean and Green and extremely busy, a pleasant environment to be in .

I was impressed with the Police Officers in the High Street team and our Community Officers who were out on regular patrol today.

Well done to all concerned.

To report non urgent crime, ASB please telephone the Police on 101

For life threatening crime or crime in progress telephone 999

For Environmental or Council matters please telephone 333 333

Photograph shows me with some of the Chatham High Street Police team today.

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