Overview and Scrutiny- Extending the Chatham Alcohol Control Zone

Unfortunately I was unable to attend last night’s Regeneration, Community and Culture O&S committee where a member’s item about extending the Chatham ACZ into Luton was on the agenda (I am currently recuperating at home on doctor’s orders).

In a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour in part of his ward, Cllr Osborne brought this topic to O&S. Currently there are no statistics to warrant extending the zone in Luton and Wayfield ward, but this is not to say that one could not be of benefit. With no hard evidence to confirm alcohol related anti-social behaviour in the ward it would be unwise to introduce an ACZ (which is a last resort). After what I’m told was a lively discussion I am pleased that I will get the chance to sit down with council officers, Kent police and Cllr Osborne to work towards solving this perceived problem.

Conservatives are committed to listening to local residents, those people that live, work and shop in an area they call home, and I am pleased Cllr Osborne has done this. Using the correct channels to bring this topic to the forefront will enable all the involved parties to begin working on this problem.

As the party of law and order, Conservatives are committed to stamping out crime. No matter how big or small crime is a blight on our communities and no one should have to tolerate it. As always if people see a crime they should report it the police on 999 or if it is not an emergency on 101.

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