Training citizens to respond to anti-social behaviour

The Royal Society for the Arts recent report on dealing with Anti Social Behaviour makes interesting reading.

Author Ben Rogers sums up with offering  no silver bullet, but instead makes the case for further experiment at a number of different levels, ranging from adopting design of public spaces in order to encourage greater mutual responsibility, to greater training or mentoring for volunteers in charge of services, to greater use of social media to enable reporting of anti social behaviour.

To change social behavior is a marathon and not a sprint. Indeed, what is anti social behaviour? I would welcome discussions on this topic but am fearful that it could be a distraction that could frighten a lot of people unnecessarily.

My advice to all residents is to phone 101 if they experience anti social behaviour

Here in Medway we are working with Partners to ensure that Medway continues to be a Safe, Clean and Green place in which to live.

As I pointed out in my recent article, crime here is Medway is DOWN by 8.2%.

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