Out on patrol with Medway Police

6pm found me joining the team at Medway Police Station last night for a briefing on the evenings activities for Operation Albatross last night.

The main purpose of this regular operation is not only to catch people involved in drugs but also to reassure people with the police presence.

It also ensures that there is no respite for those involved in criminal activity that blights the life of so many.

At 7pm we drove off to visit pubs and clubs around Medway.

I was impressed with the professionalism of the team and also the friendliness, in the main, of the people that we met in the pubs.

Obviously it can be quite daunting to see so many police at one time but residents welcomed what we were doing.

The drug dogs were fascinating to watch and were a true asset to the operation.

Some arrests were made and I felt that the overall operation was a tremendous success.

Approaching midnight found us in Rochester with the ION machine that detects the use of drugs by visitors to the nightclubs.

We were welcomed by the owner and door staff who appreciate and work with Medway Police in keeping our night time economy a safe place for people to enjoy.

As the Chair of the Medway Community Safety Partnership and Medway Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Customer Contact, I always enjoy going out on patrol with Medway Police, I find it useful to experience life at the “sharp end” and it is a constant reminder of the fantastic work that Medway Police carry out on our behalf to ensure that Medway remains a safe place for Medway residents.

Although I cannot elaborate, it also showed me the tremendous challenges and dangers that Police Officers face everyday.

My thanks to all at Medway Police Station for allowing me the privilege of accompanying them on this operation.

Photo shows me with two Officers in the Rochester area.

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